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Risk planning and management is often one of the most feared aspects of project management.  For practitioners operating in SMBs the most important elements of this process is simplification.  In effectively identifying, quantifying, and responding to risks the PM leading projects in SMBs must be able to move through the process with relative quickness while involving various team members.  I first was introduced to a template similar to the one I developed and throughout the years I’ve customized and added to it based on organizational and project needs.  The columns are fairly self explanatory.  There are two worksheets that include:

  • A Risk Register which houses all the identified risks that may happen on the project with a quantification method based on expert judgement.  The worksheet also allows the team to identify ways of addressing the risks.
  • A Risk Tracking log that allows the PM to keep an eye on potential risk events and update the status to reflect where the project is vis-a-vis those risks.

These worksheets can and should be modified to fit the specific conditions associated with the project and to best address the corporate culture of the organization.