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Meeting project objectives and successfully managing change requires project teams to understand what it is they are delivering and how they are meeting stakeholder needs/wants.  Requirements definition, planning, and management can be a burdensome activity that many project managers can come to dread.  However, the process does not need to be an over complicated activity. The above templates helps simplify the process and allows the project team to establish a prioritization of the requirements. One key feature is to categorize a given requirement into one of three types as follows:

  • Business Requirement: this identifies a specific objective that the project will achieve or a gap (in processes or otherwise) that the delivery of this requirement will bridge.
  • Functional Requirement: this describes a specific function or feature that the product/service of the project will deliver.
  • Technical Requirement: this outlines the required supporting elements necessary for successfully delivering the project.

While each of the above types of requirements are critical, once the team begins to decipher how each requirement is different they can begin to understand the relationships between requirements and can intelligently determine if there are dependencies.