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One of the biggest challenges on projects is the ability to maintain focus on activities that move the project forward and don’t hinder performance.  This is especially true in light of the fast moving pace and continuously changing priorities.  While it is important to continue to track and update key planning deliverables such as scope documents and project schedules throughout the project life-cycle, once the team concludes the planning phase of the project and launches the implementation, the frenzied pace of the project increases.  The project control log template is intended to assist the project management practitioner in the small and medium sized organization to keep track of key elements of the project.  The template is an excel based spreadsheet that includes the following worksheets:

  • Actions: these are activities assigned to specific individuals on the project team however they must not be confused with tasks listed on the project schedule.  An action item may be needed to help clarify a task, resolve an issue, or address a potential risk.
  • Issues: the project manger is often confronted with roadblocks that prevent effective delivery of the project.  This worksheet can help track these barriers to success to ensure that a timely resolution is provided.  In turn the team can either resolve the issue in a way that does not negatively impact the project or identify the impact on the overall parameters of time, cost, or scope.
  • Decisions: throughout the course of the project the team will be presented with issues where decisions need to be made.  These decisions can relate to resolving problems, addressing priorities of requirements, or updating the schedule.  Decisions are logged to help remind the project team of items in case they come up later in the project.
  • Document Control: project teams struggle to deal with massive amounts of information that are often housed in multiple sets of documents.  Documents in turn are housed in multiple repositories.  This worksheet is intended to identify key documents on the project and where they are housed.
  • Stakeholder List: keeping track of project team members and other stakeholders, specially on geographically dispersed teams, can become a critical success factor.  Knowing who’s who is helpful not only to the project manager but also newly on-boarded team members.

Each of these worksheets are intended to track a specific perspective of the project so there are instances where one or more may not be specifically relevant.  Organizational culture or project situations could give rise to the need of adding other worksheets such as a change control or risk log and to include them as part of this document.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated.  Once you’ve downloaded and used the document feel free to post a comment if you liked it.