A friend of mine sent me a message yesterday asking why it has been a while since I blogged and frankly I did not have a good answer other than laziness.  Then I recalled an article that I came across a few months ago about habits and routines.  The authors explained that the best thing that someone can do if they want to form a new habit or start a new routine (such as a diet for instance) is to actually get away from their daily routine.  The authors mentioned for example that the best time to quit smoking for instance is when someone goes on vacation.  They get away from their environment, which triggers their normal habits.  So if they insert themselves in a new environment they will not have the same cues and it is much easier to develop new habits.  Unfortunately, the down side of this is that good habits such as exercising can also be broken when that routine is disrupted.  This is exactly what happened in my case so I guess that should feel a bit better and explain why I have not been as diligent in writing articles and blogging.  However, to explain better the break in my routine I have to share that six months ago I undertook a new endeavor that ultimately resulted in our family moving to the UAE from Jordan.  The change has been exciting and challenging all at once.  What is striking in these types of moves is how often we find ourselves comparing our new life to the old one, often complaining that things are different, and almost never appreciating the new opportunities that the new home presents.  Anyway, now that our life seems to be settling into a new routine I find myself a bit more relaxed and able to refocus my energy on topics of interest in leadership and project management.  As I continue to reflect on this move of ours I am reminded how personal habits and routines greatly impact organizations.  It is the collection of these habits that ultimately drive the organization.  It is these habits and behaviors that are at the foundation of the organization’s culture.  This is perhaps one of the hard lessons that project manager learn throughout the execution life cycle.  The bigger the focus on transformation as part of the project, the more important it is to understand habits, routines, behaviors, as well as personal values.  Developing this understanding will offer the needed glimpse into what motivates people and what will likely enable them to change these behaviors.