The competition for talented resources means that organizations have to consider a wide variety of sources when it comes to recruiting.  One of the primary ways that organizations recruit is through the network of existing employees.  Whether it is through as an employee referral program such as the one that IBM offers, or other mechanisms, organizations have long realized that employees in good standing can be utilized as a first level filter in vetting potential employees, but also as potential ambassadors in reaching out to potential talent.  For employees though, that means that they have to think long and hard about the potential recommendations they make to their employers.  A referral that turns out to be a mis-match may end up reflecting negatively on the person making that referral.  However, in my opinion, a referral should not necessarily be considered a recommendation for an individual.  It is simply an opportunity to link someone that may (or may not be) a good fit for the organization.  Ultimately the responsibility lies in the hands of the hiring manager along with the supporting organization such as HR professionals to determine how to proceed next.