One of the by-products of the internet age was forcing organizations to publish information such as mission and vision statements. Companies quickly developed marketing brochure type websites to communicate with clients and attempt to reach new ones.  Even organizations who did not have a formal strategy had to quickly figure out what to put on those websites to explain the value that they provide to customers and the distinguishing characteristics that make up their competitive advantage.  The challenge for many organizations is that such statements were a quick compilation rather than the result of deep thinking.  For the readers however the difference between well thought out strategies and words slapped together is very clear.  Furthermore, when the outcomes of this well thought out strategies are shared with stakeholders, they can be a powerful view of the “soul” of the organization.  This is especially true when it comes to core values.  The way that these core values are worded and communicated can be a strong indicator as to what type of organization one is dealing with.  This is especially true for those looking to join these organizations as it offers a window into the potential experience they might have once they join.