A behavior that leaders in organizations need to ensure is avoided is that of undermining each other.  In one organization I observed there was a great deal of undermining which meant that decisions were challenged, directives were ignored, and work always managed to hit a stumbling block.

A particularly bizarre way of undermining professionals, especially in project management, is to somehow assign multiple resources the same task.  I observed in one organization projects that were assigned to several project managers and tasks that were handed out to multiple resources.  The net result was not only utter chaos but also a great deal of resentment and infighting between team members and executives.

While we can generally agree that organizations will face challenges and not everything on projects will run smoothly, I believe that this behavior of double assignment creates nightmares for organizations.  In one instance I believe the leader of an organization had this idea that by assigning the same task to two or more individuals that meant that the task would not fall between the cracks or that the competition between these resources would get it done quicker.  Unfortunately the exact opposite happened.

The lesson that we need to keep in mind is that when we have a clarity in task and project assignment with a good responsibility/authority matrix, we need to manage to that rather than try to complicate things beyond the level that is needed.