Results and achievements always speak louder than words. In project management we often notice that a track record of success leads to a significant amount of confidence in the profession.

When it comes to assessing the performance of project managers however it is important to recognize that there isn’t necessarily a one to one correlation between the project’s success/failure and that of the project manager. One thing that I quickly learned is that performance assessments include as much an element of subjectivity as they do objective measures. Having said that though we have to appreciate that this element of subjectivity does not negate nor undermine the assessment.

The business world like our lives is not a multiple choice exam. We not only have to be comfortable with subjectivity but also with a bit of ambiguity. As such when it comes to supporting project managers in enhancing their performance and meeting expectations, some of the best advice that I got is to stay true to myself and to become comfortable with my own style of leadership.

As elementary as this might seem, sometimes people have a tendency to to want to please managers and executives. In the process of doing that We lose track of who we are. So we have to be grounded to help ourselves mature our own style of getting things done. This perhaps is one of the hardest things for practitioners new to the profession.

However, inspiring confidence requires us to quickly learn what our PM and leadership styles are and to become skilled in blending them with proper project management best practices.