The big budget and highly successful director Jerry Brukheimer once said in an interview that he liked to give his audience an emotion on triumph when they attended his movies. The interviewer commented that this was perhaps the reason why so many of Jerry’s movies were successful.

While many people like to cheer for the underdog, Nobody likes to lose. Indeed people have a natural preference to join the seemingly winning side. That is the secret behind success. Success begets success.

I was in a meeting today where a colleague commented that even in the face of what appears to be a herculian effort, the leader has to have a belief in success. The leader has to not only have faith in the ultimate vision but also has to be the champion that drives the team, often against the odds to complete the effort and ultimately succeed.

People are simply not willing to join a futile effort that is doomed for failure. Sometimes project managers appear as though they are leading such an effort. They may be considered foolish but if they have little faith in the mission of their project it is guaranteed to head to a disastrous end.

This is where I believe that great leaders can distinguish themselves. It is when they have an opportunity to take on what seems like an impossible task and succeed beyond everyone’s expectations. However great leadership in project management also recognizes that there is little room for superman heroics. These leaders recognize that projects are accomplished by people not in spite of them.

If there were a super hero power that. The project manager should have, it would be the ability to bestow upon their team and stakeholders that emotion of triumph that will help sustain the team’s spirit when the odds are against them and their morale is needed to be in high gear to get the job done.