What is more important for Project Managers, EQ or IQ? – Podcast

Emotional intelligence has taken the business world by storm. Organizations find it vital that employees have EQ to work together in a harmonious and effective way. But is good, old brain power sometimes necessary in running a project? It is enough to be able to get...
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Project Team Member Skills Development – Podcast

Organizations in the US spent over $70B last year on professional development and training for their staff. In the context of skills development whose job should it be to help team members advance? More specifically, do project managers play a role in coaching and...
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What’s more important facts or stakeholder perceptions? – Podcast

In project management circles, a significant amount of time and money is spent trying to ensure proper delivery of projects. Companies and professional associations spend scarce resources trying to ensure project success through better methodologies, approaches, and...
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Formal Training Versus On the Job Experience

Organizations differ widely in their approach to developing their human resources. Some feel like placing them in a classroom to get knowledge from an instructor will deliver the greatest gains for the business. Others think that learning tasks and new ideas on the...
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The Project Manager’s Role in Strategy Setting – Podcast

Few questions in project management are harder to answer yet vitally important to address than the role of the project manager in strategy. Should the PM know how to work with executives to develop strategy? Perhaps they need to understand how to translate strategy...
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Corporate Culture, Projects, & Transformation – Podcast

Peter Drucker famously said that strategy eats culture for breakfast.  Best practice typically has dictated that new strategies and project management methodologies must be created with the corporate culture in mind to ensure adoption. In this episode we explore the...
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Project Teams and Organizations – Podcast

Building teams that enhance project success by their strong performance is a worthy goal for any organization. Deliberate work on building teams that perform at a higher level can foster success in projects and beyond, but then what? Some organizations approach high...
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Innovation in Project Management & Methodologies – Podcast

Innovation remains a hot topic across industries, with organizations and professionals trying to find the key to finding an innovative new product or service. This is just as true in project management as in every other profession, innovation on projects and in...
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How does traditional risk planning fail us?

I was listening to a news program last night about current events. One of the commentators said something that caught my attention and I thought that it is a perfect way of describing the challenges that project management practitioners have with risk planning. While...
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Executive Sponsors & Project Managers – Podcast

Get any group of project managers together and ask about the importance of the executive sponsor and you will get likely get two reactions. First, they will say that a great executive sponsor is a key for success.  All Project Managers will typically agree with this...
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