Corporate Culture, Projects, & Transformation

Peter Drucker famously said that strategy eats culture for breakfast.  Best practice typically has dictated that new strategies and project management methodologies must be created with the corporate culture in mind to ensure adoption. In this episode we explore the...
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Project Teams and Organizations – Podcast

Building teams that enhance project success by their strong performance is a worthy goal for any organization. Deliberate work on building teams that perform at a higher level can foster success in projects and beyond, but then what? Some organizations approach high...
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Innovation in Project Management & Methodologies

Innovation remains a hot topic across industries, with organizations and professionals trying to find the key to finding an innovative new product or service. This is just as true in project management as in every other profession, innovation on projects and in...
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How does traditional risk planning fail us?

I was listening to a news program last night about current events. One of the commentators said something that caught my attention and I thought that it is a perfect way of describing the challenges that project management practitioners have with risk planning. While...
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Executive Sponsors & Project Managers – Podcast

Get any group of project managers together and ask about the importance of the executive sponsor and you will get likely get two reactions. First, they will say that a great executive sponsor is a key for success.  All Project Managers will typically agree with this...
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Accidental Project Managers Versus Intentional Project Managers – Podcast

In the world of project management, there are two types of professionals, those who choose the profession intentionally and those who find it by accident. Much has been made of the accidental project manager, often an exceptionally strong performer who is rewarded...
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Is Cultural Diversity Bad for Projects?

Conventional wisdom in today's business environment is that diversity is good for business. If your organization is marketing a product, it would benefit greatly from having cultural diversity within its team because it would be more aligned with potential cultural...
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Shifting assumptions, big picture or details?

Last week I had an out of town meeting, about an hour away from my house. About 45 minutes out my car started making a funny noise and my dashboard flashed the low pressure tire sensor light. I found a place to pull over into a run down gas station. When I checked my...
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Project Managers & Industry Knowledge – Podcast

Project Managers do not need to have industry knowledge to be successful on projects.
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Project Management Debate Podcast Introduction

I am pleased to announce the launch of a new podcast titled Project Management Debate Podcast that includes weekly episodes exploring different topics related to project management, transformation, strategy, and leadership. The format of this 15-20 minute...
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