In a crisis being prepared to take quick action is absolutely necessary to ensure that needs are addressed in a timely fashion. But quick action without proper planning may bean that you are doing the wrong thing, very quickly. Can project management play a role in...
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Project team members and key stakeholders require and deserve full disclosure – Podcast

Managing a project is a difficult undertaking, one that often impacts the entire organization.  It’s often difficult to know how to proceed when facts and details are omitted. But in the hyper-competitive business world we live in, organizational management must make...
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Social Media and Confirmation Bias – Podcast

This week on the PM Debate Podcast we are exploring the topic of confirmation bias. Twitter was recently called out for using algorithms in its feed to enhance user experience that gives users what they “want to see”. This approach means that people will see in their...
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Documenting lessons learned on projects is a waste of time – Podcast

Lessons learned are a critical component of project management literature and standards. PMI's PMBOK Guide places a significant emphasis on lessons learned in the profession by mentioning the concept in nearly every chapter and in over 62 pages. However, does the...
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Corporate politics is a game that everyone must play, including the Project Manager – Podcast

Corporate politics has gained a bad name in the workplace, associated with backstabbing, manipulating, and spying on colleagues. Is corporate politics a dirty business that the project manager should avoid, or is it a critical necessity to ensure project success?...
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PMOs cannot be cop and advocate

Organizations with complex business models turn to PMOs to enhance their overall performance. However, can the PMO be both the advocate for effective use of project management and drive projects on the one hand while being a cop responsible for measuring project...
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Freelance project management is not a fad but a trend – Podcast

As companies search for ways to optimize their business performance, increasingly they have turned to freelancers. Decreasing the ongoing costs of payroll is an attractive way to cut company overhead. Can freelancers allow a company to maximize the use of talent...
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Project Management certification is not a good criteria to assess professional competence – Podcast

One of the hardest parts of the interview process is determining if someone is competent and able to perform the job they are applying for. In fact, incompetent employees cost organizations millions of dollars every year, both in lost productivity and rework to repair...
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Competence is more important than loyalty when it comes to trusting team members and employees – Podcast

Competence is the ability to do something effectively and efficiently. Loyalty on the other hand is a strong feeling of support or allegiance. Competence and loyalty are both important in situations where team members must trust each others. Strong teams are able to...
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Hail to the micromanager without whom no project gets done – Podcast

Is there any redeemable quality of the micro-manager? Can it be argued that there are circumstances that call for micro-management and that it is not always bad? In the business world micromanagers have a bad reputation but is it really deserved? Don't employees leave...
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