Organizations must change fast or die – Podcast

Organizations are working in an ever-changing environment that operates at break-neck speeds. With the transformation that the marketplace undergoes stakeholders are expecting quick change. However, is fast paced change always in the best interest of the organization?...
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An organization that appoints a PMO leader with no experience in project management is doomed to failure – Podcast

What are the most important skills needed to support the effective functioning of a PMO? What type of leader is needed to ensure that the PMO launches successfully? Can a deep background within the industry and a comfort maneuvering in the organization make up for...
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Projects can succeed even when companies have bad or failing strategies – Podcast

Strategy is hailed as the end-all be-all of business today but prior to the 1960s it did not even appear in business literature. However, with $30.5B on strategy consulting in 2016 alone, surely it is vital to organizational and project success. Project managers can't...
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Benefits realization is not the responsibility of the project manager – Podcast

Benefits realization is a complex process that was brought info focus with the introduction of PMI standards such as the program management and portfolio management standards. Within the profession this concept is gaining a lot of exposure as it becomes critical for...
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Organizations that employ project managers do not need change managers – Podcast

Change management as a profession is fairly new to the market, but already gaining traction. However, many project professionals see change management as merely a skill set within the project management body of knowledge. Projects create change and the role of change...
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Firefighting is the enemy of Project Management – Podcast

Companies must be able to respond to changing priorities, shifting market demands, and new regulatory compliance needs. Well-documented and consistently adopted project management frameworks typically lead to greater success. But in a changing landscape, will stale...
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Virtual teams can never be as effective as collocated teams – Podcast

The world of virtual teams has grown exponentially. One study shows that remote work grew by nearly 80% in an eight year stretch. Mobile employment and virtual teams has become a strategic necessity for businesses in managing costs and streamlining processes. However,...
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All companies need a corporate PMO – Podcast

Although Project Management Offices have been around for many years, their appeal remains broad and impressive. Businesses look to PMOs to deliver benefits such as better resource planning and enhanced reporting. But, do all companies need a PMO? According to a recent...
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Negotiating a “win-win” is not in the best interest of your project – Podcast

Negotiations and the skills required for success in this area are a critical topic of discussion in business magazines and corporate training alike. In the context of project management, success depends on getting the best deal that you can to ensure positive project...
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Contracts and the Project Manager – Podcast

Contracting is often considered a huge challenge for project managers. Some even consider it a waste of time. Developing a rich, detailed understanding of the contract's terms and conditions is vital to ensuring that the organization is protected. Asking the project...
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