PMO Structure or Process

The reasons behind setting up a PMO are diverse but often are linked to a set of challenges related to organizational projects. Many of my clients have articulated an inability to keep track of progress on projects and a lack of visibility to enable proactive...
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Project Management Tools & Usage

A couple of days ago I saw an interesting and challenging question regarding a Project Manager's skillset. The inquirer had a genuine need to understand the appropriate level of expectations when it came to Project Managers. He asked: "How can anyone call themselves a...
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Leadership Development

Shortly after I graduated college I realized that there was a huge skills gap between the knowledge I had gained in my business program and the skills that I needed to enter the workforce successfully. I had graduated ready to join the ranks of business leaders and...
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Boy Scouts Training Program

Over six years ago my family and I attended a Boy Scouts of America (BSA) Court of Honor ceremony in celebration of our friends' boys reaching Eagle Scout Rank. At that time my only familiarity with the program was extremely limited but I remember that it made quite a...
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RapidStartPMO Explained

Over the past twenty years I have been involved in designing, building, and aligning PMOs in a diverse set of organizations ranging from startups to multi-national blue chip organizations across four continents and in over fifteen countries. These PMOs have served...
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The Fear of Failure

I was watching some TV today and came across a highlight reel from over 25 years ago of Michael Jordan scoring the winning shot at a playoff game against the Cleveland Cavaliers. In this shot Jordan squares away to shoot at the free throw line directly in front of an...
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What does Customer Centric Mean?

My early years in project management coincided with the IT revolution in the US. This resulted in technology professionals and sectors replacing construction and engineering disciplines as the most prevalent consumers of project management capabilities. I saw first...
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There is a lot of talk about quality and its importance both in business and in our day to day life. However, often times I find that businesses are too quick to sacrifice quality to meet deadlines or budgets. One of my favorite quality stories, told I believe by a...
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Free Introduction Course to RapidStartPMO

Great news for those of you who might be interested in my new course to RapidStartPMO. We just published a free introductory version with the first module to give you an opportunity to learn more about the concept. Please be sure to check it out here RapidStartPMO....
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My new training program RapidStartPMO is finally online. Please please check out the promo video below or visit the website at   The new age of globalization, information, and communications has prompted...
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